Here’s a wireless, solar energy device to use to supervise your silos. It’s even protected against dust! SeeLow devices are equipped with WiseMesh technology and can create their own network without Internet coverage.​


Manage your inventory in real time without climbing up your silos. Monitoring will no longer be a problem with our SEELOW sensor !


Quick, simple and wireless installation process

TheSeelowis designed to adjust to a flat or angled roof. It automatically adjusts to a vertical alignment resulting in an optimal positioning of the laser for precise measurements.

Powered by the sun

The Seelow feed-bin monitor is a wireless solar powered device. With its low energy consumption, the Seelow takes hourly measurements and reports real time inventory updates. Also, you can request a snapshot reading anytime.

Patented dust protection mechanism

With its patented dust protection mechanism, the Seelow system helps keep the laser clean and allows for constant precision measurements.

Prevention and safety

Avoid taking the risk of climbing up your feed-bin to verify inventory levels. Seelow gives you access to real time information of your inventory levels.


No network configuration is required

Use the network of your choosing: Wired Internet or Cellular..
1. Plug the power cable into the «emHub» .
2. Plug the adaptor into the wall inlet
3. Plug in the internet cable into the «emHub»

Simple and easy to use App

The Agrimesh application allows you to access your Seelow quickly and easily. All you have to do is download the AgriMesh app from the AppStore or Google Play and follow the simple instructions to access your Seelow.

Available Reports

Access inventory data 24/7 on the Agrimesh app. The Seelow monitor provides precise inventory flux in real time for a nearly unlimited quantity of feed bins. The system measures the consumption tendencies based on the feed variations in the feed bin. All the data can easily be transferred onto a calculation sheet.

Customizable alert

A personalised alert system notifies you when a feed-bin has reached a critical inventory level, ultimately saving you costs and last-minute delivery orders.



Up to 255 Agrimesh products connected by a single emHub

The Agrimesh system creates its own “WiseMesh” network to communicate with the various equipment installed in your livestock buildings. The “WiseMesh” network exchanges data between your Agrimesh connected things and your em Hub. You can connect your emHub to a wired Internet or cellular network and have the possibility of connecting up to 255 Seelow under the same em Hub and the same network.

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