• Will I need a large control panel at the barn entrance?

    No. There will be a wireless tablet integrated into the internal Agrimesh network. You may place the tablet anywhere in your barn. In addition, you have remote access to the system from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Can the radio waves from Agrimesh products have an impact on my animals’ or employees’ health?

    All Agrimesh products sold in Canada and the United States comply with federal requirements (CSA in Canada; FCC in the United States). Under federal standards, manufacturers are required to design harmless products for users and their property.

  • I have other equipment in my barn that transmits radio waves or other waves. Is it dangerous to mix these waves with waves transmitted by the Agrimesh system?

    The Agrimesh radio waves will not interfere with other waves, since Agrimesh products are designed and certified in compliance with current Canadian and American standards.

  • Will the system still work if I lose Internet connection?

    With Mesh, the internal network, the Agrimesh system will continue to operate locally without interruption.

  • How can I change system adjustments after an Internet outage?

    Through the tablet hooked to your local network, you can access the platform and make the desired adjustments.

  • What will happen if the emHub is disconnected and artificial intelligence no longer works?

    Should emHub lose power connection, each Agrimesh box has a temperature sensor to keep the requested settings you used when you had initially configured the system. The system will send you an alert, informing you that emHub is no longer online.

  • May I adjust and change configuration settings myself?

    You will always have access to the platform to change your initial configurations.

  • Is it possible to receive alarms? How can I receive them?

    The Agrimesh system is designed to configure and send alarms. These may be sent by notification, SMS, email, or phone.

  • Could my system work properly if I don’t have a weather station?

    It would be better to have emWeather, an Agrimesh weather station, for the system to work properly (particularly for inflatable wall automation). If you don’t have emWeather, however, Agrimesh will collect weather data in your area through the Internet and use it to automate inflatable wall openings and closings.

  • May I wash your equipment?

    Yes. All Agrimesh products, except the emBreath temperature and humidity sensors, are designed for washing. Avoid using a direct stream of water for every Agrimesh product.

  • How does customer service operate?

    If problems arise, customers may call customer service at 1 866 781-9861.

  • How does customer service operate?

    If problems arise, customers may call customer service at 1 866 781-9861.

  • Is connection between equipment affected by metal equipment inside the barn?

    Connection with Agrimesh products works well inside the barn despite the presence of metal equipment.

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