Through microprocessors installed on every equipment, connected devices create a local network and receive, stock, and transfer real-time data to the Agrimesh system. This system analyzes the overall situation, in line with the instructions provided, and makes the best decisions with the lowest energy cost possible.

Each Agrimesh device comes with an “emMesh” data sensor, a temperature sensor, and an ability to make decisions independently. Making remote diagnostics of each connected device is one of the revolutions that comes with the Agrimesh system. This real-time, preventive diagnostic allows you to anticipate and prevent equipment failures, which can be quite costly. These connected devices analyze real-time collected data and issue preventive alerts when necessary. You can rest easy with Agrimesh’s connected devices.

All wireless devices connect with a 900mhz Mesh topology radio with a feedback interval of 50 milliseconds. This continuous connection is even better than a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system, providing an almost endless barn upgradeability. If you wish to install a new fan, a new heater, or any new product in your existing barn, you need not connect a communication wire between each new product, as is customary with traditional control panels. Go wireless! You simply need to connect the new product to one of the control boxes. The Agrimesh system will identify the product, consider it, and automatically integrate it in the artificial intelligence ecosystem. Increase your production capacity without worrying about integrating each new product yourself.





EmHub is the mastermind behind the Agrimesh system. It is the gateway containing the processor that controls, supervises, and enables devices to interact with each other and makes final decisions based on gathered data. EmHub is like a dedicated computer; in fact, it is the artificial intelligence that manages the entire Agrimesh system.

Because emHub is a modern gateway, it connects to the Internet and gives the owner remote access to the entire system. Even if the Internet is down, the system works locally without interruption. Once the Internet has been restored, emHub will update automatically and the accumulated information will be transferred to the cloud.

Rest easy knowing you have emHub. This powerful minicomputer manages your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting systems.

Install emHub in a few minutes. Connect the Ethernet port behind the EmHub to your Ethernet connection using an RJ45 Ethernet cable. Then connect the power adapter to the EmHub and to your electrical outlet. No configuration needed!

emPower R3

This is a wireless device with three independent relays. The device can power up to three 15-amp circuits. The emPower R3 system can control many fans, incubators, electric valves, or other devices requiring a power up.

emPower D1

This wireless control device controls variable output devices such as fans without drive, motors, and lighting.


This wireless control device controls actuators that open or close air traps and doors.


This wireless control device controls Polymats, an inflatable air curtain.


This wireless control device changes speed on fans with drive.


This wireless control device automatically opens and closes garage doors.



A wireless temperature and humidity sensor that the farmer may install around animals to have the most accurate reading possible.


A wireless sensor that measures and controls CO2 in the barn.


A sensor that measures and controls ammonia.


A wireless balance that measures birds’ weight.


A wireless sensor that conveys water consumption and sends out alerts when problems arise.