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  1. Description
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Troubleshoot
    1. Dead battery
    2. No communication with the Hub
    3. Temperature displays 3276.7 °C (5930.1 °F)
    4. Light on emMesh won’t light up


The emBreath is a probe that communicates temperature and humidity information for its location directly to the Hub. It is powered by a battery.

Since it does not use the emMesh technology, communications from the emBreath can’t use other devices as relays to reach the Hub. It is strongly advised to use an emRelay if the emBreath is positioned more than 100 to 150 feet away from the Hub.


Installating an emBreath is fairly straightforward. After unscrewing the cap, put the battery in.

For older versions (0.30, 0.31, 0.32), it is expected that the light of the emMesh will flash three times upon being powered.

For more recent versions (2.x), the emMesh will only flash when it communicates to the Hub, i.e. every 45 seconds. This also means that the emBreath will take 45 seconds upon being powered to communicate with the Hub for the first time, so it will not appear on the Agrimesh Console right away.

After confirming the emBreath is on, screw the cap back on. Then mount the emBreath to a wall or hang it to the desired location. Make sure the grey probe is pointing down so it is not too exposed to water. Position the probe where the animals may not damage it.


You can make sure the battery is good in the emBreath by confirming the gauge on the left is full. The emBreath will automatically communicate with the nearest Hub. There is no need pair them.

There is very little to configure when powering an emBreath. On the Agrimesh Console, head to the all devices section and find the emBreath. It should be under the empty location area. You can search for the serial number using the search tool (ctrl + f). Select it and find the blue cog close by the image.

That is the setup page. There, enter the prefered name for the probe and the location where it will operate. Save the changes.



3.1 – Dead battery

Although emBreaths do not consume much energy, batteries need to be changed periodically. On the Agrimesh Console, the guage on the left will let you know when a battery needs to be changed.

3.2 – No communication with the Hub

Sometimes, an emBreath just won’t communicate with the Hub. If so, the dot at the top right of the device will become red. Most of the time, removing the battery for two minutes before putting it back in restores the communication with the Hub.

Another possibility is that the signal the emBreath is sending cannot reach the Hub. This could be due to interference (thick walls, electrical room, etc) in the way or the distance being too important between the devices. In those cases, moving the emBreath to another location or adding an emRelay in between will help restore communication with the Hub.

3.3 – Temperature displays 3276.7°C (5930.1°F)

If your temperature probe displays such temperatures, it likely means that the chip that reads the temperature in the emBreath is in fault. Please contact our support.

3.4 – The emMesh won’t flash after putting the battery in

Here are few points to go over if the red light on the emMesh does not flash after putting the battery in.

If the emMesh won’t flash, it is most of the time related to some power issue. If none of the above helped, please contact our suppport.

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