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  1. One Pager
  2. Configuration
  3. Purge

1.One pager


Part of the challenge to setup an emWallZ resides in getting the wiring right. Please refer to the first section (and your electrician) for this part.

The other piece of configuration is done in the Agrimesh Console and is explained below.

  1. Log in the Agrimesh Console, head to the All Devices section and find the emWallZ to configure. You can use the filters on the left to find the emWallZ quickly. If you have more than one emWallZ, find the one with the corresponding serial number.
  2. Click on the emWallZ and open its configuration page.
  3. All of the configuration goes in these fields. Also, know that not all of them must be filled.
    • The name should be filled according to you convenience. Choose a name that will help you identify this wall.
    • The location usually reflects the room for which this wall is used. This setting will locate your emWallZ on the Agrimesh Console.
    • Inflate and deflate delays must be entered as a number of seconds. The number of seconds to enter should be the longest time it takes for one of the sections of the wall to inflate or deflate plus a time buffer to account for imprecisions. For example, consider a three section wall where each part take 200 seconds, 180 seconds and 160 seconds to inflate, respectively. The time to be entered in the inflate section would be the longest of those (200 seconds) plus an arbitrary time buffer to allow for imprecisions (40 seconds, for example). In this case, we would enter 240 in the setup.
    • Lastly, select the direction that the inflatable wall is facing. Other settings are advanced and optional. Don’t forget to save changes.


The way Agrimesh controls the inflatable walls around the barn is by controlling the motors that inflates them. After having a motor turned on for the configured amount of time, we expect that part of the wall will be inflated. Unlike other devices like actuators, there is no limit switch that tells us when a part of the wall is fully inflated or deflated, so this is our next best guess. The delays entered are the minimum elapsed time between two motors turning on or off.


Inflatable air curtains can be quite vulnerable to accumulations of water over time. In order to prevent damage to the curtain, Agrimesh will perform a purge once a day. Making sure a curtain opens and closes at least once a day helps ensure its longevity. The artificial intelligence determines the best moment to perform the purge during the day. It usually happens between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. around the coldest time of the day.