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  2. Description
  3. Specific Wiring
  4. Troubleshoot
    1. Power related issue
    2. No control from the Agrimesh Console

For complete and detailed information about the emPowerR3, download the user manual (wiring plans at page 10).

1.One Pager

Use this section for a quick overview of all the critical information about the emPowerD1.


The AgriMesh emDrive is a wireless control device that controls 0-10V, 0-5V or 4-20mA output.
It must be used in communion with an AgriMesh emHub.

3.Specific Wiring


4.1 – Power related issue

When a device controlled by an emPowerD1 stops working, the most common reason for this to happen is that there is no power supplying the Agrimesh box (and no power for the device). In this case, on the Agrimesh Console, you would see a red dot at the top right of the device. The timer below would indicate the time since the device was last powered.

Most of the time, flipping the breaker restores the power to the device.

4.2 – Missconfiguration of the device

To verify the configuration, from the Agrimesh Console, navigate to the All Devices tab. There, find and click on the device that does not behave properly.


For fans controlled by an emPowerD1, a lack of a proper configuration can cause the device to not be used by the software.  Upon clicking on the blue cog, the actual configuration will appear. The specific points to look at are:


To verify the configuration of a light controlled by an emPowerD1, first verify that the device is enabled. Find the variable light (filtering with the emDriveT devices on the left) you want to verify. Select it and find the blue gear to enter the setup. Make sure you are configuring an emDriveT (same as an emPowerD1, just a different name). In this window, verify that:

Lights controlled by an emPowerD1 use another controller: a dimmer. To verify your dimmers, find the “Dimmers” option under device type on the left. Those dimmers are not green boxes on your farm. They are virtual devices. They are pieces of software. If you can’t find the dimmers that control your variable lights on the Agrimesh Console, please contact our support. The critical points here are: