The emHub is the heart of the Agrimesh system. It serves as a bridge between devices used on site and the software that controls them.

emMesh network

The image below illustrates how a typical barn watched over by the Agrimesh system operates. To the left, most devices use the emMesh technology to find the best path to reach the Hub. If a device’s power go out or becomes defective, the network will adjust and all affected devices will find the next best path to reach the Hub. That is the strength of the emMesh network.

Note that the temperature probes are not connected by emMesh and only communicate directly to the Hub.


To the center of the chart is located the Hub. It receives the information from monitoring devices such as temperature and pressure probes. There, the information is analysed and appropriate commands are sent back to the devices and to the router. The router allows for remote access to Agrimesh controlled devices.

An emHub can handle up to 255 devices. However, in order to maintain proper transmissions, it is recommended to add a redundancy Hub before reaching that limit.


For the owner to have access to the entire system remotely, the emHub must be wired to the Internet with a RJ45 Ethernet cable. A wireless connection will not be robust enough to ensure the reliability of the system. That being said, if the Internet connection fails, the emHub will keep controlling the devices locally. When the Internet connection is restored, the latest data will be updated in the Agrimesh Console.

The power supply provided with the Hub must also be plugged into an electrical outlet.

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