Table of content
  1. Description
    1. Installation
    2. Communication
  2. Configuration
  3. Troubleshoot
    1. Dead battery
    2. High fluctuations of pressure
    3. No communications with the Hub


The emBreezeS measure the difference of static pressure in both of its tubes. One tube should be inside the barn (or where the static pressure wants to be known), while the other one should be outside the barn. It does not matter which one of the tubes goes where: they can be inverted. It is powered by a battery.


When installing the emBreezeS, a special attention should be paid to avoid exposing the device to an air flow. Even if the air flow is not directly going through the plastic tube, air flow around the tube will likely cause the measurements of the static pressure to fluctuate a lot and will not give an accurate reading of the static pressure in the barn.


Communications are not carried to the Hub via the emMesh technology. When positioned less than 100 to 150 feet away from the Hub, emBreezeS’ will communicate directly to the controller. Otherwise, it is recommended to use an emRelay to relay the signal.


Before configuring the emBreezeS, the device should already be installed properly. There should be no fans spinning in the farm and the inlets should be closed for two to three minutes.

In order to configure your emBreezeS, head to the Agrimesh Console and find the “All devices” in the main menu to the left. Among all of the devices, find the emBreezeS that must be configured. Use the filter options on the left if there are too many devices. For a new emBreezeS, look in the “Empty-Location” section. If there are more than one, if is possible to select the correct device by matching the serial number on the device and on the website. Upon selecting the emBreezeS, enter the configuration page by clicking on the blue cog.


Let’s start by entering the name and location. As for the calibration value, we’ll use 0 for now. Save the changes made to the configuration.




For the next part, make sure the advanced settings are selected.




That’s all! The emBreezeS is configured. Shortly after the changes are saved, the pressure measured should be 0.00 inH2O.


 3.1 – Dead Battery

Although emBreezes do not consume much energy, batteries need to be changed periodically. On the Agrimesh Console, the gauge on the left will let you know when a battery needs to be changed.

3.2 – High fluctuations of pressure

High variations of the static pressure are most likely due to airflow going through or around one of the tubes. There are at least two ways to deal with this situation:

  1. Install the emBreezes somewhere else. Try to avoid locations close by fans or air inlets. Unless some really specific room design, the static pressure will be the same all around the room.
  2. Have the area around of the problematic tubes block air flow. For example, if the problematic tube is hanging by a wall, adding a casing block the air flow in around the tube can be a suboptimal but sufficient solution.
3.3 – No communication with the Hub

Sometimes, an emBreezeS just won’t communicate with the Hub. If so, the dot at the top right of the device will become red. Most of the time, removing the battery for two minutes before putting it back in restores the communication with the Hub. The battery could be dead, in which case the battery gauge on the left will be empty.

Another possibility is that the signal the emBreath is sending cannot reach the Hub. This could be due to interference (thick walls, electrical room, etc) in the way or the distance being too important between the devices. In those cases, moving the emBreezeS to another location or adding an emRelay in between could help.

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